GW Series Rebar Bending Machine (40A/40/50/65 Model)

GW50 Rebar Bending Machine


GW50 Rebar Bending Machine

Product Introduction
GW50 rebar bending machine is an ideal rebar bending equipment. It has reasonable design, simple
structure and can bend steel rod diameter from Φ6-Φ50mm to any required shape applying to bridge, tunnel and small, medium as well as large construction projects.

Main Features
1.Simple operation/safe and durable, high quality cooper wire motor, guarantee a more stable performance.
2.Enclosed gearbox lubrication, low noise, with speed adjustable gear, easy to operate.
3.Ultra-high hardened accessories, adjustable baffle which guarantee a longer service life.

Main Parameters
Voltage:3-380V  50Hz
Motor Power:4.0Kw
Motor Speed:1440r/min
Rebar Bending Diameter Scope:
Common Carbon Steel≤Φ50mm
GradeⅢDeformed Bar≤Φ40mm

Working Plate Diameter:400mm

Spindle Speed:7r(14r)/min

Warm Note
In order to prolong service life of machine, reduce the use of cost, pls read the operation manual carefully before operation, and follow the signs to maintain machine. On first use of the machine, please change oil after 500 hours, add same grade gear oil 8kg.

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