GF20 Automatic Rebar Stirrup Bending Machine

GF25 CNC Automatic rebar stirrup bending machine


GF25CNC Automatic Rebar Stirrup Bending Machine

 Product Introduction

GF25CNC automatic rebar stirrup bending machine is stirrup bending machine for construction. It simplifies bending process, works efficiently, adjusts angle conveniently, bends neatly, and it can bend round steel bar with diameter Φ4-Φ25mm to various geometric shape as required by construction.

Main Features
1.Convenient Use: perfect safety performance, standard angle, fast speed, light and handy.
2.Easy Operation: one man can operate it once switch on the power.

3.Angle Variation Freely: in the range of 1°- 180°.

4.Fast Speed: rotate speed is 25-30times/min.

5.Convenient of angle adjustment: just need to shift induced magnet.

Main Technical Parameters

Motor Model:Y100L-4
Voltage: 3-380V 50Hz
Motor Speed:1440r/min
Bending Speed:25-30 times/min
Bending Range:

Bending Common Carbon Steel:Φ4-Φ25mm
Bending GradeⅢDeformed Bar:Φ5-Φ20mm
Weight: 102kg±5kg

Warm Note

In order to prolong service life of equipment and reduce the cost, please read the instruction manual carefully before operation and maintain the equipment according to signs. Fill 1kg lithium-based grease into the gearbox after using 200 hours for the first time.

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