GQ Series Rebar Cutting Machine (40/50/60 Model)

GQ40 Rebar Cutting Machine


GQ40 Rebar Cutting Machine

Product Introduction
GQ40 rebar cutting machine is an ideal equipment for cutting. It can be applied to cut the normal carbon steel rod, hot rolled steel and deformed bar in machine processing and construction projects, also suit for square steel and flat steel.

Main Features
1.Enhanced machine rack, small volume, compact structure, solid and reliable.
2.Good lubricating property, adopt enclosed gear box, use the gear splashing to realize lubrication. It could be continuous work two months after adding 8kg gear oil.
3.Less loss because of the lubrication improvement. The gear section adopts rolling bearing, less resistance. Compared with same type of cutting machine, load power can be reduced by one third.
4.Using high rigid cutting head, connecting rod and high speed national standard motor, guaranteed a more stable quality and longer service life.

Main Technical Parameters
Voltage:3-380V  50Hz
Motor Power:3.0Kw
Motor Speed:2880r/min
Punching Frequency:32times/min
Cutting Nominal Stroke:34mm
Cutting Range:
Common Carbon Steel≤Φ40mm
GradeⅢDeformed Bar≤Φ32mm
Max Flat Steel: 70*15mm
Max Square Steel: 32*32mm
Max Angle Steel: 50*50mm

Warm Note
In order to prolong service life of the equipment and reduce the cost, please read the instruction manual carefully before operation and maintain the equipment according to signs. Change the OEM gear oil after the first use of 500 hours, then add the same grade gear oil.

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