GQ Series Cutting Machine for Rebar Splicing(GQ40/50)

GQ60 Cutting machine for rebar splicing


GQ60 Cutting Machine for Rebar Splicing

Product Introduction
GQ60 Cutting machine for rebar splicing is especially applied to cut rebars which is used for parallelthread splicing. The face cut by this machine is vertical, round, flat and no angularity.
Main Technical Parameters
Voltage:3-380V 50Hz
Motor Speed:2880r/min
Motor Power:5.5Kw
Punching Frequency:27times/min
Cutting Nominal Stroke:34mm
Cutting Range:
GradeⅢDeformed Bar:16-40mm

Warm Note
In order to prolong service life of the equipment and reduce the cost, please read the instruction manual carefully before operation and maintain the equipment according to signs. Change the OEM gear oil after thefirst use of 500 hours, then add the same grade gear oil.

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