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Welcome Leader of Heli Association to Our Factory for Visiting and Guidance
Author:  Source: http://en.bdjd.com.cn/gsxw/n269.html   Time:2013-09-15

On September 12, 2013, leaders from Heli association, a dozen people come to visit our factory carried out a field study visit. Our company leadership and other related managers held a grand welcoming client activity. Dingxing County deputy magistrate: Xiaofeng ZHANG, dingxing industrial parks (provincial) Party Secretary and Director: Zhao, dingxing County Secretary for industry and information technology: Yuan Qing, delivered an important speech in a later meeting. Technicists made a detailed introduction for production, development prospection, production capacity etc...



Visiting leaders learn more about our company's production facilities, manufacturing processes, quality and ability of service, our advanced equipment and processes, production capacity, quality management system, good working and living environment, they gave a high evaluation for that. On productivity of company product lines, production equipment, and further cooperation in the management of communication and consultation on issues and put forward many constructive suggestions. The visit activities for both sides laid a solid foundation for further cooperation in the future.
Through this customers visit activity, allow customers more detailed understanding of the whole production process, thereby strengthening the trust of our products, further enhancing the pace of future market development and confidence. Customer representatives are trying to reach deeper cooperation with our company as soon as possible, and seek common development. We also have a better understanding of needs and characteristics in the local market through this communication. Through close cooperation, I believe that we in the domestic market will usher in a more brilliant tomorrow.