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Company response to the national call to carry out safety inspection activities
Author:  Source: http://en.bdjd.com.cn/gsxw/n272.html   Time:2013-08-27

To conscientiously implement the spirit of June 7, the province's work safety nationwide teleconference on focus on safety inspections, and notice of the notice (national invention "2013") and county governments convened June 24 special safety inspection activities on the specific requirements, the company since the end of June to September, activities carried out safety inspections. For ensure company safety big check activities solid in-depth carried out, I company from details look, increased publicity intensity, according to "all covered, and zero tolerance, and Yen law enforcement, and heavy effectiveness" of total requirements, full in-depth investigation governance safety risks, jam security regulatory vulnerability, strengthening safety measures; firmly grasp developed check programme, and for layer Layer mobilization deployment, and investigation problem and the risks, and developed rectification programme, and implementation rectification measures, and summary check effectiveness, and established long-term mechanism, focus link. Through safety inspections, and fully know the security risks and vulnerabilities, implementing responsibility, serious improvement, sound system, shut out of a significant security risk, enhance staff security awareness, further improving safety management level to effectively prevent the occurrence of safety accidents.